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We have had an inspirational journey of delivering an efficient care to patients with the help of our dedicated and proficient team of professionals. Patient’s satisfaction has always being our priority.

What our customers say:

Mayank Kapoor from Haryana

After a brain surgery in 2007, my son Mayank Kapoor had a left side paralysis. Having tried a number of other health professionals with very limited success, Mayank was resigned never having normal walking ever again. He was left with wrist and foot drop. Mr. Shah gave us hope which quickly turns into real results.18 years old case is almost cured in just three months. Due to the efforts of excellent staff under your supervision, Mayank treatment at healthy future was the best physiotherapy have ever had in my life.

Shraddha Agarwal

Dr. Rashmikant Shah has been like a miracle to me. At such a young age I had lost the hope of living a painfree life. But he cured my 6 months pain in just 6 days…also my 5 years old back pain problem was also taken care of fantastically!!! Thank u so much Healthy Future!!! Recommend everyone in pain to visit here and step out painfree!!! Thanks!!

Bijal Haria

As I write this note of thanks to you sir,I confess that I greatly impressed by you minute,intricate and detailed knowledge of human anatomy through which you have given me excellent and praise worthy physiotherapic treatment when I needed the most in my disabled and helpless condition.

I have no words to thank you appropriately for your kind,considered and friendly help and assistance to me not only as a patient but as a dancer. Who is restored to her original physical health due to your sincere and tiered less efforts,which I will always remain greatfull to you.i would also like to thank your kind and trained staff who have left no stone unturned to help me recover quickly from my handicap situation.

Please accept my heartfelt and sincere thanks and my best wishes to you and your center. Bijal haria,director Parampara academy of performing arts, Ahmedabad.

Hardik Amin

I was referred to Dr. Rashmikat Sir by a Neurologist Dr. Rakhil Yadav due to problem I was facing of C8 compression since 4-5 month of time and the doctor’s didn’t had any other solution apart of surgery.

Due to the problem, I was facing severity of normal day to day work with my left hand due to numbness in left thumb and a little finger which was also causing adverse effect in my career. The 3 weeks of regular physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation by Dr. Rashmikant sir, I found drastic improvement. Of course to cure the problem I need to continue self exercises at regular basis, but I greatly acknowledge the guidance provided by Dr. Rashmikant Sir and thanking him by heart to rehabilitate me without any surgery.

Prashant Sanghvi

I came to Dr. Rashmi Shah when I was in great pain. I had been suffering from severe pain in my both my feet for more than one year and was completely disillusioned with the ineffective and corrupt medical system in Gurgaon (super specialist orthopedics at top hospitals, all possible tests, so many physiotherapy sessions).

Dr Rashmi in our very first session was able to isolate the root cause of my pain through top notch medical investigation and put me on rigorous therapy (no machines, only exercises). He and his hardworking team worked on me for one week and i was already starting to see the hope that my pain will be eliminated soon. And within 1-2 months of seeing Dr. Rashmi and following his regimen, I was completely pain free.

Dr. Rashmi is a great person, always willing to listen and help as demonstrated by multiple family and friends of mine he has since helped.

I want to thank Dr. Rashmi and his staff for making my life better.

Hemakshi Kothawala

Chandrakanta Gupta

I am aged 66 and suffer from Knee weakness due to Chickengunya. Hardly able to walk properly and thought of knee Replacement. However, My daughter in law and Son recommended me to spent few days at Ahmedabad and get the therapy at Healthy Future, as My Son is law recovered very well here after a major Road accident. Mr. Rashmikant is very specialized in his job and all the team members are more than helpful and neatly perform their job. After 15 days of Physio i am going back to Indore, where I will continue the recommended exercise and then come back after 3 months for the final Cure. I am very happy. A great team needs a GREAT LEADER. A great leader Needs a Great Heart for Service. Thanks to all and Best wishes to the team Healthy Future, and all those who aspire to be fit. God bless.

Ankit gupta

I had a terrible car accident leading to hip dislocation and knee fracture in Patela. At Healthy Future, I have seen tremendous improvement in my fitness during last 3 months, actually way beyond my expectation. Rashmi sir gave me a superb fitness regime, more than that he wiped off all my inhibitions regarding what my body can do and perform. Last week I participated in TT and Badminton events in my Bank’s Annual sports meet and reached top 4. I know I have way to go but I am happy being on right track.

Interacting with other patients here, I feel lucky to have reached the right place at the right time. Thanks to God and good wishes for Healthy Future…and all those striving to attain their normal self…god bless..Amen…

‎Trupti Padiya

Dear Dr Rashmikant Shah,

The secret to my recovery is a Doctor who is simply extraordinary!! And it is YOU, Dr Rashmikant Shah You have helped me after all my failed attempts which includes allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, other physiotherapies and at the end a failed surgery too!!! I was in this situation since last five years!! It is you, who have given a new life to me Doctor!! I THANK YOU and all your staff members especially Ayushi Divecha and Sweeti Patel who were always there to help me ease my pain. Here I can’t forget to mention Dr Vishal Jogi who became my guardian angel and guided me in the right direction at the right time!! I am really grateful to you Dr Vishal!!!

Thanks for being a wonderful Doctor!!!


Mr.Rajendra Kadia

Jean Woodcock

‎Bhargavi Rana

hii friends..

i had a stroke before 2years at the age of 22 years which is impossible bt somehow it happened n my whole left body was paralised it is called hemiprasis in medical terms… n generally recovry comesfast at small age n also i was very confident n bindaas ind of girl so i didnt take that muh pressure on me that it becomes havy on me i didnt wantthtto happened but even after doing lots of exersices givn by diffrnt therapist after 1 n half year i got tired of doing exersices n founded it very boring n thn some1 suggested for an angel DR.RASHMIKNT SHAH n v met him n believe me justin 2 months i got drastic recovery i dont know how to thank you sir bt just 2 or 3 golden lines whatever you say n i just followed it n i cant beleive that i m fully recovered now..previous 90% recovry was easy what they did bt after reaching 90% the mot difficult stage was 91%,92%…..which you did confidence n my whole life routin is exacly same as it was before n its all because of you i have no difficulty in doing any task..i have overcomed it very easily so all thanks to u sir thts all i can say.. so i wanted to share with you all n just want to say “THANK YOU HALTHY FUTURE”….


Dear Dr. Rasmikantbhai,

It was a great pleasure meeting you a year back, when you treated my father–in–law, who is 83 years old and was bedridden for two years due to problem in his right knee. He had opted for surgery, but eminent Doctors refused to operate due to his age and risk involvement.

After your treatment for two months, he could again start walking and today after a year, he is leading a normal pain free life and is not dependant on other for support to walk.

I had Tennis Elbow in left hand which was very painful and referred pain in right hand index finger to wear and tear of fourth and fifth vertebrae. I have seen four Senior Doctors and Surgeons and few physiotherapists for last one year, but could not get myself cured from the pain. In twenty days, with your treatment and exercise, 80% pain was gone and today after two months, I am pain free and am leading a normal life.

I have referred more than 14 people for your treatment and almost all have thanked me personally for suggesting a Doctor who can take care and cure them.

Doctor Rasmikant, your education is excellent, but add to it your honesty, sincerity and single minded objective to see that your patients are cured makes you a Doctor with Midas Touch.

All your staff members are also very helpful, knowledgeable, supportive and thanks to them all as the treatment is more a joy at your clinic.

I would like to thank you for all your help and support.

Thanking you,

Shah Kinjal

Thank you Sir for ur treatment………i still wont be able to walk or stand without ur efforts… suffering of 3mths came to an end when i visited ur centre…u did magic in one mth….thanks once again…..:)

‎Benjamin Mailian, Software Engineer

I came to Dr. Rashmi in great pain. He diagnosed the problem and knew just what to do to make it better. Him, Dr. Toshi and their staff are friendly and attentionate. I always recommend healthy Future when someone is in search of a great physio in Ahmedabad.

‎Minaxi Vaja

I have really benefited from the treatment given by the doctor at healthy future for my back problem. When I came , I had severe pain but after the consultation and starting physio therapy sessions regularly I have been really feeling much better and i have got recovery very quickly. Before coming here I had gone to well-known doctor with this problem but didn’t get any relief and on recommendations of one of my friend who had taken treatment for her back problem at healthy future recommended me this place. And I am glad that after coming here I have got quick recovery from my back pain.

The staff here is very well trained and kind to look after the patient and the physiotherapy center is also well equipped with the advanced technical equipment for treatment.

I thank Dr. Rashmikant Shah for treating my back problem and would surely recommend anyone who has any such health problem.


Deepa H Jogi


SG Shah

Mr.Parag Shukla


Dipak Shah