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The HealthyFuture Sports & Exercise Science department is a performance training facility that specializes in movement specific (functional training). We believe that the best way to train and exercise is to train as you move, in daily life. For general population (non-athlete/recreational) training, developing functional strength is a scientifically proven way towards a healthier lifestyle.

With a team of internationally certified trainers who have played multiple sports at a highly competitive level, we work tirelessly to train, educate and monitor our athletes’ performance, when they are working with us. Our programs are scientifically designed for maximal performance improvement, through every training cycle.

Our training specializations includes….

  • Adolescent Fitness (10-14 Years)
  • Early Lifters (15-18 Years)
  • Adult Functional Training
  • Sports specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Post-Surgery Strength Rehabilitation
  • Sports Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue Release
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Athlete Mental Health Counselling

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